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AWS Free Tier
[Created 2021-05-29]
How you, a regular person, can understand and take advantage of Amazon Web Services without spending any money

To do
[Created 2021-05-28]

Now, I want to acknowledge the fact that I know a lot of people are peeved with the phone company. But the thing, what it, the main, the main, what it, the prob-- what you need, the thing about it, first of, what you have to understand, the thing you should, the thing you should compreh-- is, first of, first of all, it's a fantas-- it's so com-- it's a compl-- it's a machi-- it's made up, it's so, it's composed of, so, it's got so, there's maybe mill-- even up, up to billions of teeny little, there's all kinds of little cli-- there's little wir-- there's all kinds of little th-- it's, it's, and, and every one is guaranteed to break down.

-- Lily Tomlin (Ernestine)